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invites Distributors: Welcome To Join Massa Photography Equipment Distributor Nets
1. High Profit With None Risks
It is totally free as well as 200% profitable achievement to join in Massa Filter Distributor Team. Massa is trying its utmost to build its Grade-A Brand MASSA Camera Filter and to bring to you with 10 billion of business opportunities.
2. Extensive Varieties
Joining Filter Distributor, you can satisfy all photographers' special demand easily with MASSA Camera Filters of 8 assembled sets, 11 serial assortments, over 500 various styles. MASSA Camera Filters provides you many options, which not only brings up different photographic experience for photographers, but also creates more opportunities for Filter Distributors.
3. Comprehensive Service System
Massa Filter Factory owns itself comprehensive service system, such as advanced and well-rounded Technology support, regularly new lens Filters designs to meet camera filter, and prescribed price service & effective management of selling areas, which can greatly assure quick delivery and guarantee that all our Filter Distributors' sales is performed smoothly.
4. Superexcellent Quality
Massa Digital Filters come with many advantages of Water & Oil Proof, top light transmittance over 99%, Scratch-resistant, finished by tip-top technical strength. Massa brand lens filters won general popularity in photography market with modern Germany technology and international good quality for years. Massa's comprehensive service & solution schemes, and strong capability of development and research makes it the preferred option for Massa camera filter distributors.
5. Steady Market
Actually,demand on lens filters has reached saturation point in Europe,USA and Japan.But,MASSA still has a firm foothold because of its technical strength.Annual tumover of Massa Digital Filters is over 20 millon and to be greatly popular with international famed SLR brands.
LEADING BRAND: MASSA always committed to produce the Perfect Filters
According to present report analysis,Mid-end & High-end digital cameras will become the mainstream in the future photography market. With increasing demand of SLR cameras and EVIL cameras,they occupy more and more market shares.All these cameras with lenses need protective lens filters, which leads to growth of digital filter consume market. Since price of camera is very transparent, most sellers decide to enlarge their items range with relevant accessories such as digital camera filter,adapter ring,tripod, camera bag,and other studio photographic kits, which helps cousumers to make up different deficiencies of photographing, and also make sellers to gain more profit.
With a good market prospect,big developing potential and speedup globalization, people much more emphasize the quality,which leads to a specialization.enlargement,standardzation, and integration in photography .
Factually, technology production level of photography still needs to be improved. Besides, existing state of some distribution affairs seem not as good as expected. It always happens that some distributors and supplies run counter to the set agreement,leading to such bad results of disorder price management,little profit earning, everlasting delivery in filter distribution market . However, Massa keeps advanced R&D capability paced with better service as always to gain more great recognition of wordwide buyers.
Massa Distribution Support
1.System Support
Strict market segmentation assures distributor enjoy the exclusive rights and great profitable achievement.

2.Expenditure Support
Massa will take a proportion of the sales as supported expense to help distributor to develop regional market. This sum of money will be paid to fit up Distribution Shop, display, promotion, advertising.

3.Distribution Shop Support
Massa pay a sum of money to Distribution Shops to fit up the shop according to Massa's decoration design strategies.

4.Displays and Props
Massa shall provide necessary displays and props required by product display.

5.Network Support
Massa creates a distributor network to popularize and introduce Massa products, and all information will be fast searched on internet engine.

6.Advertising Support
Massa advertises Massa Filter with developing progress. Massa provides 50% advertising fee within limits for Distributors who submits their advertising strategy as Massa's request. All advertising edition and printing shall be approved by Massa in advance.
7.Product promotion
Massa shall prepare brochures, advertising materials, online advertising and promotion gifts to improve Massa's recognition and encourages sales.

8.Personnel Training support
Massa will train distributors, and subordinated workers in products, shopping-guide, business model, after-sale service according to market situation. Besides, Massa may assign salesmen to assist and ordinate distributors to resolve some existed problem.

9.Promotion support
Massa may grant distributors' regular promotion activities in certain sales areas specified price or products promotion support.

10.Incentive Mechanism
Massa may grant distributor who has completed the sales volume required by Massa in authorized distribution regions the proper awards as per our cooperation agreements.

11.After-sales service support
Massa adopts the model of distributor being responsible for after-sales service so as to settle the problems arising from after-sales service without delay.

12.Media support
Massa will release information related industry, products, market, policies and new marketing strategies via Massa's website or magazines with the aim to promote dealer's business operation, periodically or aperiodically.
Distributors said
As a Massa distributor, I think Massa has fully conducted in the advertising and sales promotion supports. Massa unifies ads press releases &
promotion strategy to help all Massa distributors.It is Massa's excellent product quality, advanced production technology, and good after-sales service that help our company develop rapidly from only an individual store to a company with 10 member staffs.
Distributors said
tI used to be the manager of a digital camera retailer. I learnt Massa by a chance when we sold camera to one of my clients. Then I realized there
is a huge brilliant future in this line. Shortly afterwards, I quit my job and became a distributor of Massa. Massa gained a good reputation with its advanced production process, and good quality. Massa is rapidly developing and become more and more powerful. Massa's annual turnover takes up 80% of total sales of the same line.
Massa Trade Show
PMA Exhibition in Jan,2012 Germany Photokina Show Exhibition in Dubai Exhibition in Shanghai & Beijing Russia Exhibition in Aprl 2012
Massa Brand
Shenzhen Massa Photography Equipments Co., Ltd was built in 2006. We are a leading enterprise which involves development, production, and sales of Photography Equipment &Camera Accessories. Massa brand has been acknowledged and popular with large customerssince registered.
We are leading in domestic marketing for some Massa products and technology.
Recently, Massa Products is being fast sold in Chinese Main Cities, Korea, Poland, USA, British, Singapore, South Africa, Germany ect.. Massa's powerful and professional production, development and sales team are able to fully be acquainted with and satisfied customers' demand, assuring the regular updating of items to make them compatible & synchronous with other famed brands. Massa products such as Filters, Camera lens, adopter rings, lens hood, studio lights accessories, and lens case ect., are complete in all specifications, which provide one-stop merchandising to customers.
Massa Team
Shenzhen Massa Photography Equipments Co., Ltd was built in 2006. We are a leading enterprise which involves development, production, and sales of Photography Equipment &Camera Accessories. Massa brand has been
Massa posses advanced modern plant of over 6000 square meters, with clean and tidy workshops, newly abroad introduced machines. Our production output is over 1 million per month, which assures product quality and prompt delivery.
1. Possess Legal Right in Management of Photography Equipments, Stated Capital and Financing Channels;
2. Possess Stated Distribution Channels and Marketing Shares in Local Territory;
3. Possess Over 3 Years of Distribution Experience in Photography Equipments;
4. Recognize Brand Culture of Massa, Work Positively with Massa Headquarters at Advertizing Policies, Distribution Methods, Management Model;
5. Capability of Assist in Training and Lead Subordinate Distributors.

Q1. What is the development state and trend of Photography Industry?
1) It increases by 20% every annually.
2) The annual out put value of Chinese Photography Industry exceeds RMB 50 billion in the next three to five years.

Q2. What is the brand position for Massa?
Massa is the most professional supplier of Photography Equipments " Excellent comes from profession" is not only the Business Philosophy om Massa,but also it is what every Massa people commits themselves to do everyday. Professional Service and High Quality is the core competitiveness of Massa Brand.We expect to use our specialized knowledge to assist all professional photographers to enjoy them selves with High-quality photography accessories,making their photography more entertaining. If you want to achieve the dream of the " Financial Freedom",we welcome your join-in with Massa Team. Massa has set up very perfect and attractive ecooperated strategy to help every partner to achieve their dreamed profitability,based on the tenet of mutual benefit and common development.Massa can go further on the road of cooperation,as long as our partners go further.

Q3. What is the product position for Massa?
Massa provides to every photographer with High-quality photography equipments. Massa products comes with Professional Design,High Quality,Competitive Price.Massa's product quality inspective system is to control and as sure the quality of raw material,OBM is under the best conduition and that the process of production,and productive facility can work harmonically with OBM of products from the procedure of purchasing and storage of raw materials to the production and finishing of products.
Massa takes Science and Technological Research as our productivity.

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